About Lisa Schwartz – I’ve been with Intuit for 11 years and have been working with many of you over this period.  I’ve started this site specifically for QuickBooks Online Plus as a one stop site for resources to help make your class a success.  Creating web content is new for me, so stick with me as I learn and grow this site. I’m open to any feedback!

You can reach me at education@intuit.com

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Below is information you can use to become familiar with QuickBooks Online Plus. Should you require more in-depth training for your coursework see the links to available textbooks from other publishers to make your course a success.


A section of quickbooks.com is dedicated to how-to videos that concisely teach how to do specific tasks in QBO. If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking those out. We also have a test drive site for QBO where someone can login and play around. You don’t need to create an account and no data is saved, but it’s a good way to try things out or follow along to the videos.

Printable Resources:  As updates are automatically available to QBO subscriptions the below resources are subject to change. Some screens shots below may not match to current QBO subscriptions.  Tutorials are frequently updated to include these changes.

QBO Course 1 – Getting Started & Overview

QBO Course 2 – Navigating

QBO Course 3 – Recording Transactions

QBO Course 4 – Reporting

QBO Course 5 – Expanding

Discover QuickBooks Online – An additional printable resource (60 pages) from Intuit’s ProAdvisor Program authored by Laura Redmond with Redmond Accounting Inc.  There are also video links that go with the training deck.

And don’t forget Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Welcome Guide!